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"Be my guest. I wasn't planning to stick around much longer," Nadia said to Bridgette about checking out the bridge.

Bridgette passed by her and went under the bridge. That left Nadia with Bryony up top. Nadia didn't know what to talk about with Bryony. The two of them didn't have a lot in common, and with Bridgette out of the way, she wasn't sure what to say.

"So...Alba..." Nadia began. "Sorry, haven't seen anyone with that name. Haven't seen a lot of decent people here."

Before Nadia could say much else, someone else started calling out for a "Bree." She turned and saw some girl running towards them. There was another girl close by. Nadia was sure that they were friends or people she knew from school. She didn't have time to think of who they were, because one of them was now screaming.

Nadia slowly turned and realized there was actual present danger. Bridgette wasn't coming back from under the bridge. Instead, something far worse was. Something that would make Nadia see the real terror of the game. Something that would force her to consider playing. Something that made her tighten her grip on the chair leg and hold it in front of her.

That something was, of course, Caedyn fucking Miller.
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