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Haha, wow did Iz sound uncomfortable; even muffled as she was through the door. Asha supposed that saying 'the last time I saw this girl I told her I would slowly and painfully kill both her and her little Dot, too' would make her sound bad, wouldn't it? Asha hoped that she was only lying to save face and didn't actually believe her own bullshit, 'cause if Iz still legitimately considered her a friend she might just have to throw up from disgust.

Asha waited, taser resting in her lap, knife quickly shifted out of sight. She glanced over her shoulder to confirm that Jae and Dot were still asleep. Good. If Jae had been awake and ready to shoot, well, Asha would have shaken her head and gone 'maybe that wasn't the best thing to do' but she certainly wouldn't have lost any sleep over it. There was something she needed to hear, though; and this could be her only opportunity. If it meant giving Iz a stage, so be it; but Asha sure as hell wasn't gonna give her any excuses to play the victim.

When Iz opened the door, she would see Asha quietly sitting, cross-legged, a forced smile on her face. She tilted her head.

"Why'd you kill Danny?"

No useless preamble. No pretense that time had healed any wounds.
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