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"No it's just... a friend that I'm not happy to see-"

Isabel jarred away from the door as the sound of knocking echoed through the halls. She sighed, and realized that there was not going to be any easy way out of all this. She turned to Lily, motioning for her to get closer, before whispering a little bit away from her. "Open the door and then stay behind it. There's no way this isn't going to get violent, but I'm going to try and talk her down anyway. Hide and you should be safe."

She didn't want to kill Asha, not really. Even though their last meeting ending with threats being exchanged, deep down she still considered Asha a friend. The only reason she threatened her like she did was because she was angry, and she wanted to scare Asha away so she didn't have to think about her anymore. It was hard to legitimately throw away that many years of time spent together after ballet recitals over just one disagreement. Even if Isabel didn't really care about how Asha felt about the whole situation, she was still more valuable to Isabel as an ally than a corpse.

Still... Asha didn't know all of that. All she knew is that Isabel threatened to kill her before leaving. Why would she knock on the door, as if trying to goad Isabel into opening it again? Certainly Asha didn't want to have a fight on her hands. Unless...


Right, the announcements didn't describe what really happened. That he tried to take one of her weapons, threatened her life, forced her to act when she would have much rather kept him alive. Of course Asha doesn't know what actually happened. She probably thought that Isabel wanted to kill him rather than being forced to. That's why she was knocking.

But maybe she was still willing to talk things out. Asha wasn't the type to just run in guns blazing. Isabel was certain that she would try to talk to her, at least a little bit, so long as Isabel herself didn't immediately go for the violent option. Maybe they would be able to resolve this without the need for violence.They could just go their separate ways and leave all this behind them,

Part of Isabel knew that wasn't going to be the case as Lily opened the door.
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