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"My friends? How does one describe one's friends with just words alone?"

Penelope usually doesn't wax poetical, but she wasn't sure how to describe her friends to Ben. "LIke... huff, follow me. We can talk while we walk."

She took hold of Ben's wrist, leading him down the hallway, out of the still fetid and festering solitary confinement ward. "I guess... the best way I can describe my friends is that they're just... great people to be around. And I'm sure that they would listen to me when we get to them. They're better people than me, really."

Penelope knew that the answer she had just given wasn't going to be satisfactory to Ben. She needed an example. "The best person I can think of to talk about first is... well, Raina. She's probably my best friend in the whole world. The only person I would spend time with over her is..."

Penelope trailed off, stopping in the hallway before biting the side of her index finger. She released her finger from her teeth, taking several deep breaths. "I think... I think you... you know who... I'm... talking about," she forced out, her voice breaking.

They continued walking down the hallway, Penelope breathing deeply again and again. "Raina and I have known each other since elementary school. We've been together for as long as each of us can remember, really. She's helped me through a lot of tough times, even if she doesn't always know what words to say. I've helped her too, although part of me feels like I haven't done enough for how much she means to me."

Penelope looked at Ben, seeing his focus still on her and her words, before returning her gaze to the path ahead of them. "She's silly and funny and we've had so many deep conversations about the meaning of life and politics and shit like that." Penelope chuckled to herself a little bit, before continuing. "Given that you could probably call Raina a weeaboo you wouldn't expect that kind of thing out of her, but she's really smart and has everything 'there'... for lack of a better word."

She ran her fingers through her hair absentmindedly once more. "And she's got this cute little habit of playing with her earrings when she's nervous and she's so comfortable to nap on..." Penelope looked at Ben for a second before awkwardly stopping in her tracks and raising her hands up in front of her. "Wait not like that! I just... I don't have much of a sense of personal space and I'm sleepy a lot of the time, so I like falling asleep on my friends when I can get away with it."

Penelope rubbed the back of her head, sheepishly. "That... probably still sounds weird. It's not weird for me, though!" She waved her other hand in the air in a vague gesture. "She doesn't think it's weird or anything, she just gets that I'm, well... like that. I like physical affection, and I don't really know how to express the feelings of love I have for my friends any other way."

She motioned for them to start walking again, and Ben obliged, the awkward moment over. "It's sorta why I started getting all philosophical just after you asked. Wording these kinds of things is... hard. As you could... probably tell from how disjointed my thoughts are and how much I've been rambling."

"I guess, uh..." She searched for the right words. "Is that... enough for you, I guess?"
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