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All it had taken was a moment's distraction as Asha occupied her hands with mindless motion, fiddling with the taser while trying to think of how she would have wanted to end her webcomic, if she had gotten the chance to neatly tie everything up with a black ribbon. Maybe let everyone live, for once; scarred but ultimately whole. As she contemplated the finer details, her fingers slipped and the taser clattered to the cold concrete floor.

She heard footsteps approach. Slow. Halt just outside. She slowly moved to pick the taser up again, scarcely breathing, wanting to be prepared for anything but not wanting to betray her presence any further. The door crept open, just long enough for Asha to see the intruder's face.


The way she immediately closed the door again kinda ruined the mood she had been building up, but Asha couldn't have said it any better herself - shit. Iz's reaction would have been hilarious if it had been coming from literally anyone other than her. Like, freaking Jason would have been a more welcome sight, dumb cash cow hockey mask and all.

Surprisingly enough, Asha could hear a second girl out in the hall, talking to Iz. Judging by the way she wasn't screaming and pleading for her life, it seemed like Iz had found a murder buddy. Good for her. For lack of anything else to do, Asha hesitantly knocked on the door. Shave and a haircut. Free of charge with any order of decapitation.
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