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So the plan was simple, get to the depot, find the car inside, use the car keys, drive around wtihout a license and find Jeremy. Sounds simple right?

Not when some asshole with stupid glasses decides to kill someone.

Irene Djezari was someone she'd seen around school. Despite their different hobbies and circles, they got along fine. She could blunt as hell towards people, but she was a good person. And now she was dead, another statistic for Alvaro's personally tally. He'd already taken Barry's life, and quite clearly wasn't content with just his.

One could argue she provoked him into killing her. Bullshit. He'd already shown his true colors when he took Barry and turned him into the mess left in the tower. Sympathy was a far gone prospect for someone like him.

As quickly as the gunshot erupted, it entered her mind that he could quickly turn around and kill her, Mel and Aiden. She wouldn't allow it, not when they've gotten this far. Not when he's profitted off of people's deaths. So she did the first thing that came to mind once she saw Irene go down.

She ran across the room and dove for the gun.

She crashed aganst the wall, clinging to the gun as her life depended on it. She hurriedly pointed it at him, she had no idea how to use it properly, but her finger was on the finger and hopefully that'd be enough for him.

"Ge-get out! O-or I'll...I'll shoot!"
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