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Irene almost had time to regret what she'd done before she heard the crack of the gun going off. It wasn't right. This was going too far. She was angry, yeah, but Alvaro was just lying there broken, and even though he had the gun he hadn't stopped her, he'd just kind of panic fired and missed, she didn't need to hurt him.

Oh. He didn't miss.

It took her a second to catch up to the fact that she was shot. Like her brain just couldn't accept it, and for a little bit it covered up the pain out of sheer adrenaline and disbelief. Because why shoot her now? Why not shoot her, and Mei, and Serena dead on the spot? It didn't make any sense for a murderer, a monster, to hold back.

It didn't make any sense. None of it make any sense. The pain had to be flowing from her chest into the rest of her body, but it was like she wasn't there anymore. She saw her arms spread and her finger squeeze the trigger as she started to stumble, saw lots of dirt and blood fly up from the ground wherever it hit, watched herself fly backwards and collapse on the ground. It all felt like it was somebody else.

The screaming was the worst part. She could feel it in her throat, but that wasn't hers. It didn't sound like her. It didn't sound human, and it kept going on and on and on. She never had pipes like that. 'Pipes?' Did people still say that? Did she say that?

Who was she talking to?

Everything felt weird. Hazy. Somebody was turning the whole world off. That wasn't possible, just like everything else. It all added up, in a weird way; it wasn't possible, so it wasn't happening. It was like a dream or something. That explained everything. You couldn't die in your dreams, right? So she wasn't dying. She was just sleeping. Soon, she'd wake up. Maybe this whole thing was a dream, or she'd wake up where she left off this morning. Cold. Alone.

Irene didn't want to wake up. Her whole body felt so, so tired, and her eyes were slowly drifting shut again. Could you fall asleep in a dream? Could you dream in a dream, Inception-style? Seemed like a good thing to find out. Anything was better than waking up. Even this.

At least in her dream, she tried to do something.

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