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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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(Breaking post order for death expediency.)

He didn't sound anything like the guy she knew back home. Back there, Alvaro was kinda shy, sweet, goofy, kind. Nothing like this. That was the voice of a killer. A monster. Them. She was gonna put a stop to that right now.

Johnny Three shook in her hands as she started forward carefully. "You...you heard me Al." He couldn't shoot like that, could he? Did he lose it somewhere maybe? "I'm not asking again. Show me the gun, or I'll, I'll..." She felt like a wound up ball of anxiety. She couldn't do this. Why did she think she could do this? Maybe he didn't even have the gun, it wasn't here, she couldn't see it, so he had to have lost it, or put it somewhere, or maybe....

Maybe he was hiding it. Just waiting for the right moment. She moved real slow, over to his side. "If you w-won't show me..." The hours playing soccer came rushing back as her foot swung back. It would have been nice if she hesitated, just slowed down a little bit because this was her classmate and her friend and she couldn't hurt him. But he wasn't anymore. Not really. He was one of them, and she was one of us.

"Drop it!"

So she didn't hesitate to kick Alvaro as hard as she could in the arm. Maybe a little harder than she thought, since the momentum started to roll him over.
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