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((Jordan Green continued from Woof Woof, I'm a Dog. Kill Your Friends))

He should have guessed Alex wouldn't have come along.

But in hindsight, it was obvious that he wouldn't. Glad to meet them, my foot. Not glad enough to leave his own deathtrap of a hideout, at least. But at least it was clear to Jordan now, that Alex had been lying about everything, and that it was all the best that they had left when they did. That little sympathy Alex had managed to garner with his friendliness seemed squandered now.

But Hazel's words echoed through his head. They'd left Alex behind, alone, and who knew what he'd do now. It shouldn't matter to him what Alex did, but even if he wasn't responsible, he'd feel responsible and that was the worst feeling.

Okay, probably not the absolute worst, but mixed with everything that had happened so far, it was a mess that he would be perfectly happy to not think about.

But it had been a day since they'd left, and the initial irritation had long since abated and had been replaced with a mild unsettling dissappointment, which had only made the trek through the asylum all the more uncomfortable. They clearly weren't the only people there, not with the occasional sounds of someone shouting, but it was always distant and echoing, and he was half certain each one was accompanied by someone getting hurt.

He barely remembered any of the route they had taken, partly because he was distracted by conversation or thought, partly because the corridors felt like they were blending into each other as endless masses of rust and rotting wood and discolored concrete. They'd rested somewhere, somewhen, but it had barely seemed to register, apart from the fact that he woke up feeling more miserable than he had the previous day.

He and Jeremy had talked a little, mostly about banal things at they had gone along. Mostly about school and the people they were looking for.

Emma. Serena. Alessio. Clarice. Joshua. Jasmine. Caedyn.

That was the list Jeremy had, and Jordan guessed that Vanessa would have been hastily scribbled on after yesterday as well. Most of that list was fine with him, with the probable exception of Alessio and Caedyn. But finding the rest of them was a nice thought, and the morning had been spent looking into some of the therapy rooms.

This one was different from the rest though, large, with more doors and light than he had come to expect from the asylum. It even had a chandelier, making the whole room look all the more ethereal. But most striking of all were the chairs, which apart from the few that had been knocked over, had been set in a neat circle, like a great fairy ring in the middle of the room.

"This room gives me the creeps. Maybe we should..."

No. They probably shouldn't leave. It was probably worth a search, at least. There was more they needed to do too than just finding people. Food. Water. Neither of those were lasting as long as he'd hoped.

He shrugged, as if they could somehow discern those thoughts from that one movement alone.
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