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Leslie's body simply slammed on top of Nancy's, the blow against bare rock softened by the low energy and all the flesh in between. A dull and faint spak.

No pain followed it, but she had ended up in an awkward prone stance with no leverage. She positioned herself for another blow, but her legs caught between Nancy's and the blow went wide, striking the ground uselessly. The gun the gun the gun, reach for it-

"Who the fuck are you?!"

- her gaze fell, and in an instant she saw her own right hand hovering over the grass, realizing it was just a few vital inches further away from the pistol than Nancy's. Now, a little part of her semiconscious mind was processing the statement and trying to put together a decently witty retort, even though it drew away useful brainpower from-

"Your worst fuckin' nightmare, bitch!" she spat angrily.
2015: V6 Incident
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