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And so Will was gone, Penelope not quite understanding his motivations.

She shook her head, lowering her now empty hand, before turning her head back towards Ben. "Guess we can't convince everyone immediately, huh?"

Penelope looked at the ground and pursed her lips slightly, contemplating, before she turned her head back up to Ben. "So... I think... I think the best thing we can do now is like... try to find some of my friends. They would probably be the most open to listening to my dumb plan... hopefully."

Penelope lowered her hand away from Ben's hand, their alliance already consolidated, before running her other hand through her hair. "The main thing I'm worried about is like... have they killed anyone yet? Like..." Penelope paused, breathing in and out to calm her nerves. "That's a cliff that you can't just... come back from. Once you've made the plunge, it's not going to be easy to claw your way back up."

Penelope hesitated, before putting both of her hands on Ben's arm and leading him out of the solitary cell. "Staying here won't do us any good," she said, before she went back in the cell to gather up her stuff. When she had everything collected and stood back up, Penelope turned to Ben, awkwardly running her fingers through her unkempt hair. "Is there... anything you want to say before we head out? Anything you want to talk about? Anything you want to know about me, or anything you want to be cleared up?"
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