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((Lily Caldwell continued from Megalomania.))

The day had been damp, awkward and just plain uncomfortable. Lily responded to Isabel as little as possible. She didn’t know if she could do anything else without saying what she was really thinking. Lily had never been much of a talker, anyway. She preferred to listen.

Even if listening to Isabel was like being stabbed metaphorically in the ears. It was just that the alternative was being stabbed literally in her ears and any other number of organs and/or orifices. Probably completed with some kind of skinning, judging by Conrad’s body. Maybe she should have taken the throat cut.

Isabel stopped at a door. There had been a noise. Lily took a step back. She waited, and hoped it was someone she didn’t know.

She didn’t see who it was, because Isabel closed the door too fast and swore. That was, in its own way, much more chilling than Isabel charging in. For Isabel, homicidal monster, to see something and say ‘shit,’ it had to be bad.

“...They have a gun?” Lily guessed hesitantly.
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