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Alex smiled confidently, and raised his voice a little, "I'm the Fittest man on this island," Alex said. "I'm in no danger of breaking our promise. You watch your back, Jeremy. Not everyone's as nice as I am."

Jeremy left the room. Alex leaned back against a wall, smiling a little, his eyes sweeping the room, finding the cameras here and there. Always being watched, so he always had to be on guard. Let his mask falter for even a moment, and it would all come crashing down. No hope of glory.


Hazel, gone after being kind enough to touch him. Jordan, with fear in his eyes. Jeremy in search of bigger things. The narrative should have required that they die, but Alex thought he'd spun that lie well enough. It was a useful line--'honor' and 'not playing by their rules' justified a wide range of behavior outside of what should technically be required of him, in order to be a villain. And it allowed him to make these little compromises. To let old friends and new friends go, in spite of the little voice inside insisting that he should be cutting them down where they stood.

Alone. Yes, alone. He had left Tara and Lizzie behind, even with Lizzie's gift upon his back. He had intimidated some, betrayed others. Rea's blood was still on his sword, and the scratch from the bullet fired by her avenger hadn't quite healed. Michael Crowe's bloody had joined Rea's. Hazel and Jordan had been afraid. Only one man had treated him as a friend. Only one man had believed the story he'd told. That man had other causes ahead of him.

And besides, if Alex was to prove himself the fittest...if Alex was to truly become the villain the story required...then he would have to stand alone in the end. Either someone else would kill Jeremy, or Alex would have to put an end to the man himself.

He maintained his smile, because his eyes were burning and he felt like crying. He set off down the hall, studying each room and each junction, following the path and laying can alarms in his wake, blocking out the stage on which he had to execute his final performance. The performance where, in the end, he would stand alone.

(Alex Tarquin EXIT: to Lord of Lunatics)
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