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Isabel had heard her crying. That was just what Lily needed. Isabel to hear her being… that.

“Stress. Sure,” Lily said flatly, putting the notepad away.

Isabel talked a lot. About how thoughts about the afterlife being one big bar and grill ‘kept her sane.’ Lily resisted the urge to scoff outloud. And honestly, the idea of the entire afterlife being a party sounded like a nightmare.

She called Lily partner.

Lily felt like accusing, ghostly eyes were on her again. She didn’t shake Isabel’s hand.

Once Isabel was outside, Lily glanced to check she wasn’t watching, then crouched down to examine her broken mirror shard. But there was no getting a sizeable enough chunk from it to try again. Lily turned her hand, still bandaged even if it stung less, before straightening up and leaving the room.

Hopefully she wouldn’t have to play this stupid partnership game for long. Just until Isabel slipped up. Until Lily had a weapon in her hands.

Until then… “partners.”

((Lily Caldwell continued in Flowers Hurt.))
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