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Brendan blinked and he stared down at Bernadette on the ground. She wasn't moving at all. Did he shove her a little too hard? What was he thinking? Why the hell would he do that to his former crush? Ty would possibly lose it if he saw that Brendan had done this to Bernadette. He shouldn't have lost his temper like that in the first place. He shouldn't have took it out on her.

He should at least help her up to her feet and apologize to her afterwards. Then he would leave if she didn't want him to be around and he would make sure that Alba would go with him. That was the better thing to do. He had to at least go on terms that weren't too tense between him and Bernadette.

He moved closer to where Bernadette was laying and he knelt down on one knee beside her. He really felt like a complete idiot for putting his hands on her like that. He wasn't doing a good job on not hurting anyone.

"Bernadette? I...."

He paused for a few seconds. Something wasn't right about this. Why wasn't Bernadette making an attempt to move? Why did it look like she wasn't breathing? Why did this look so.... wrong?

"B-Bernadette....?" He was becoming more alarmed and he had a bad feeling deep in his heart. Had he accidentally knocked her unconscious? Or...?


"T-This isn't funny, Bern-Bernadette...." He gulped out of nervousness and fear over what he had just done to to his best friend.

He let out a shaky breath as he moved his hand gently behind Bernadette's head to lift it up a little and then his breathing got a bit funny. He could feel something sticky on the back of Bernadette's head. He drew back his hand and he stared at it, not believing what he was really seeing.


Bernadette's blood....

No, no, no...!

He moved Bernadette over a little and he saw what her head had connected with. A rock.... A bloody rock. Which had Bernadette's blood on it. If only he hadn't had pushed her.

"B-Bernadette, please wake up! Please!"

He was getting desperate and he choked back a sob. Don't cry. She's going to be fine. Bernadette was going to wake up and tell him not to worry about her. That everything was going to be okay.

He was shaking her slightly. He then tried to check for a pulse. Nothing. Tried to check for breathing. Nothing there either.


He felt something wet on his face. He was starting to cry. He was realising that Bernadette was not okay. She was never going to be okay.

Bernadette is gone, Brendan. And it's all your fault....

He pulled Bernadette's limp body closer to his and he just held her against his chest. He let out some despairing sobs and he was angry at himself. He had just killed his best friend and there was nothing that he could do about it. She was never coming back.

".....I-I.... I'm so, so s-s-sorry....."
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