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She had been prepared for Brendan to try pushing her around. The Brendan she used to know probably would have just backed down, but Bernadette had expected that if he'd changed enough that he'd kill someone, he'd be more likely to lash out at her.

Conversely, seeing him act this way now made it seem more believable that he could have murdered someone.

Unfortunately, even though she'd been expecting it and had tried to brace herself against the shove, it wasn't enough. Brendan dwarfed her in size. She still wasn't completely recovered from her endometriosis attack of the past few days. Far from moving towards recovering, her pain was flaring up as a result of the current situation. In the end, knowing that Brendan was going to try shoving her aside wasn't enough for her to be able to keep her footing.

A second later, Bernadette hit the ground. Hard.

Her illness was definitely flaring up now. Her body was sore from where she'd hit the ground, naturally. She was also feeling a pain in her right ankle - possibly a sprain. She really hoped that wasn't the case.

She also had the worst headache she'd ever experienced in her entire life.

Bernadette attempted to get herself up off the ground, but could barely get herself to move. Well, it was probably better not to move until everything was under control.

Shit, still with the headache?

She'd assumed her head was just sore from when hitting the ground, but it was on a different level from everything else.

Okay, you can deal with this. Deep breaths, don't let yourself get agitated.

Just stay calm until the pain falls to a manageable level. She'd put up with worse on a regular basis. Hell, it was like her entire life had been learning how to deal with shit like this. There's no way she wouldn't be able to handle it. She just needed to rest for a little while longer.

It was hard to keep her breathing steady with that pain in the back of her head. Her ability to focus kept slipping.

Breathe in, out. In, out.

Just rest for a little while longer, that should be all she'd need...

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