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Can you hear me?
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“Oh, girl from my grade with a saw. That’s… helpful, I guess,” Junko said.

Though Kaitlyn and Alan? That seemed genuinely so. “Odd” wasn’t detailed, but in a conversation about other people’s fuckery? Gave an idea, at least? “Odd” could mean a lot of things. Tara Behzad “odd”, Darius van Dyke “odd”, or Isabel Ramirez “odd”? The distinction needed to be made, damn it. Though wasn’t Alan like, this senior guy who’s interested in “Discordianism”, whatever the hell that meant? Still a good striker, from what she’d seen, but… well, he was just as bad as Bradley in the “pissing people off” department. For a moment, Junko pushed away one thought, and pursued another. Anyways, Kaitlyn was this roller derby girl. She could respect that, too. Thing was, could she picture Kaitlyn doing something? She totally could.

Well. That did form an idea, at least, of how they could be “odd.”

“Anyways. I don’t mind you sticking here a bit. Not too much, really, unless you do decided to be terrible. I’ve got a twitchy bat finger if you do.”

Did that make any sense? Probably not. But eh. At least Junko wasn’t… batshit right now. That was better, she decided.

Hannah, though, was currently edging away towards the door. Maybe she’d scared her too much? Maybe. Junko had calmed down some, but the energy still fizzed and popped under her skin. But Junko felt herself take a step forward. A small step, but a step.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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