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Wait, no, that was right. She was part of that band, along with BB. Along with some other people he didn’t really know about, as well. Yeah, okay, there was that connection there. He didn’t really know what to do with it per say but yeah. He needed to find her. Say hi. Figure out what else happened when he got there. The lack of a plan and the lack of her being on the list was an issue, though, but that was part of the top thing. Have fun. Don’t fret. He was gonna die one day or some shit so why was it important now? Yeah. Yeah. He got that. He knew that. He had it right there at the top. The people on the announcements were wrong. There was no point. Yeah. Yeah. He got that. He knew what was important. Find his friends. That’s all that mattered.

And what better way to find them than actually moving? He liked Hazel’s suggestion. Cool as their base was he’d probably get more by moving around. Yeah. He was down with that. No objections. Take his steps forward and-

And then a third voice rejoined the group.

Alex wasn’t down with the plan.

And he was right. If Jeremy wanted to find his friends, if he wanted to go along with Hazel and Jordan, he couldn’t have Alex with them. He knew that they were scared of Alex. He knew that everyone was. He wasn’t going to find his friends staying with Alex. They would be scared. What would Serena think of him? Emma? Clarice? He knew it wasn’t good. He knew they wouldn’t think good of him. Of Jeremy, either, for sticking with him. No. He couldn’t. If he wanted to find his friends, if he wanted to make sure his last days meant something, he had to go. He had to strike his own path. He had to leave Alex behind.

The choice was clear.

The right option was right there.

But he couldn’t pick it.

Because, you know. There’s this guy. Standing right there in front of you. He’s a cool guy. Fun. Makes you forget that you’re on an island playing a game where the only way to win was to watch everyone you know die. Makes you think about what you’re doing, makes you think why you’re going along with him, but he shows you why you do it. You do it because he’s interesting. He’s a monster. He goes off on these things about being strong but you know that he’s not telling the truth because you’ve seen otherwise. He’s a human. He’s scared and lonely and friendless and you know if you leave him things won’t work out for him. He’s interesting. Better than the other people he’d met. So he knew he had to stay. He knew he had to stick with his friend.

Plus, he had a list to fulfill. Have fun. Make his last days the best he’d ever have.

But could he do that? He knew it was important, but…

Wasn’t that a selfish way of looking at things? Yeah, he had to look out for number one, but he sorta had to think about number two through four, as well. Josh had died before Jeremy got his chance to say goodbye. Clarice had gotten a fucking axe through her arm right before his eyes and he hadn’t done anything about it. He knew how had it hit. He knew how much it hurt. So how could he let that happen to them? Emma, Serena. Al. It’d hurt if he lost them. Maybe the feeling was mutual. Maybe it was as important to them as it was to him that he find them. He knew that now. He’d figured it out. He knew what he had to do now.

And maybe now he could finally make the right choice.

He turned around.

Looked Alex in the eyes.

“You’re right. I guess-”

He didn’t know what to say.

Because no matter how he said it, no matter how good he had been at talking before, he knew that he was leaving his ally- no, his friend behind. He knew that Alex wouldn’t find any others. And he knew that this would be it. This would be their last time. He knew that once he left this room, he’d never see Alex’s face again.

He knew that this would be his last goodbye.

So he couldn’t.

He couldn’t do it.

So he wouldn’t.

He’d give himself hope. He’d assume. He would make sure that they saw each other again.

He turned around. Took his steps. He was right in front of the door.

And then he stopped.

“Hey, Alex?”

A pause. Silence, in the room. Hazel and Jordan had left. It was just the two of them.

It was his last chance.

“Stay alive.”

His last goodbye.

“We still have that promise we gave one another.”

Make it count, Jeremy.

”Don’t break it.”

Good enough.

1. Have fun, above all else.
2. Get to Emma. As soon as possible.
3. Find Serena. Make sure she's safe.
4. Figure out what the fuck to do with Alex.
5. Find Al. Say hi.
6. Find Clarice. Apologise for earlier.
7. Figure out who else should be on this list. Retroactively add them.
8. Find Josh's corpse. Give last respects, for what they're worth to him.
9. Find Jasmine. Figure out what happens when you get there.
10. Find Caedyn, get closure in that area, if you can.
11. Pursue hopeless venture of survival, if above conditions have been fulfilled.

He stepped out the door.

((Jeremy Frasier, continued in The Way The Sun Can Still Burn Down))
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