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"Crying, huh," Alex muttered, fingering the large sword upon his back. "I can't blame her."

How could he? So many dead. He knew many of them had been her family. How many had been his friends?

Jordan and Hazel started to leave. Alex hesitated.

Cornered and creepy, she had called it, and Jordan had a point: this place wasn't ideal for tracking down their friends, before they died. But neither Alex or the man he was pretending to be could leave this Asylum. For Alex, it meant certain death: for the megalomaniacal, ever-prepared villain, it meant compromising his goals and his point. Dangerous. Very dangerous.

Besides which, cornered and creepy had been his intention. Cornered meant there was only one entrance. Creepy would war off anyone he didn't want to see. The perfect combination.

But of course, there was one small problem.

He looked over to Jeremy, who had his own purposes and hopes. Jeremy, who seemed to believe the lies that Alex had spun about himself, and had his own private goals. Goals of seeing the people he cared for, in the short time they had left to them. Jeremy, who had drawn a gun on Crowe when he had every reason not to.

"Jeremy," he said. "The thing that matters to you...you want to find the people you care for?" He looked over at the man who he'd met standing over the tortured corpse of a murderer. "It's not how the game should be played," he said. "But it's certainly something I can respect. Playing the game on your terms, not theirs." He considered for a moment, then said, "I will win this game, Jeremy. But being seen with me...doing the things I will have to do...you may not meet your friends that way."

He gestured down the hall where Hazel and Jordan had gone. He smiled, and allowed some of his sadness and fear to creep into his expression. He didn't want Jeremy to go. It was so good to not be alone. To have someone who seemed his friend, who he could trust and count on in this hell.

But Alex had chosen his path. Perhaps Jeremy had to choose his.

"It may be better for you to leave me behind."
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