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Isabel awoke to the sound of the fourth announcements, groggily awaking and yawning before turning to find Lily already awake and attentive.

She normally awoke earlier than this, but the events of last night and the uneven floor made sleeping difficult. She had heard Lily crying, in the night. Probably overwhelmed with something. Maybe still mad at Isabel about whatever thing that she wanted to kill her over. She would get over it, eventually. Probably, at least.

Isabel yanked a bit of bread and some water out of her bag as she watched Lily hastily scribble notes as the announcements played. Isabel heeded them no mind, she didn't actually care about who lived and who killed. All she needed to know was that the numbers were thinning out, who won the best kill award, and what the danger zones of the day were.

...And incidentally, she didn't win, and the place they were in was fine.

The announcements shut off as she finished the last of the dry, crumbly bread and sipped a bit more of her water. The room was left in silence, Lily once again not even looking at Isabel. She needed to say something. If she was going to be stuck with Lily in an attempt to look like a better person to the audience, she at least needed to be able to converse with her.

"So... uh... I heard you crying last night. Stress getting to you? I... uh... sorry about all this, I guess. Not much else I can say, really."


"Yeah, yeah. I was pretty unhappy myself when I woke up in that damned auditorium and then woke up again in this hellhole. I think, though, that I've managed to steel myself against all of that, you know? I gotta stay strong for momma, and all that."

The room returned to silence once again. Isabel twiddled her thumbs and ran her fingers down the dull side of the sickle, before looking back up at Lily and speaking again.

"Plus... uh... you know... if you die... I can't imagine the afterlife is like, bad or anything. My dad had this crazy belief that the afterlife is actually just a bar and grill that everyone goes to. A chance to come to terms with things, surrounded by your friends and all that. If that's the case, it'd probably be pretty fun, no?"

Isabel chuckled to herself, before stopping when she realize that Lily wasn't laughing too. "Well uh... thinking about stuff like that... helps keep me sane, I guess."

She didn't actually believe there was some random bar and grill in the afterlife. She wasn't even sure there was an afterlife. Thinking about it wasn't even a concern of hers until yesterday.

Still, on some level thinking about that kind of thing removed a lot of the dread she felt. She hoped she still existed after she died, on island or off, it didn't matter. Not existing anymore was scary.

Isabel looked back up at Lily, and realized that the room had been completely quiet for a few minutes.

"So uh..." Isabel began, "I think maybe we should get out of this place. Hole up in here too long and the hounds will start baying for our blood and stuff."

Isabel stood up, dusting herself off a bit from sleeping on the floor, before getting all of her stuff together and affixing everything to her person again.

She looked back at Lily again, seeing that the girl still refused to say anything, or even move really.

"So... let's go, partner?"

Isabel awkwardly extended her hand, before retracting it again when she realized that Lily wasn't going to actually going to return her gesture.

"I'll just... wait for you outside. Come whenever you're ready."

And with that, she left the room.

((Isabel Ramirez continued in Flowers Hurt))
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