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Isabel asked her name. Lily gave it. She was suddenly very thankful that she was the only one of her cousins without the Luz name. If she’d had it, maybe Isabel would have realised that Lily wouldn’t let go of Tina’s murder so easily. Isabel probably didn’t even know that’s why Lily was here.

Isabel kept trying to be nice.

I’m not going to hurt you now.

But she would eventually.

Have supplies. Have the bed.

Lily didn’t want the bed. Lily wanted Tina back.

She didn’t dare speak, because she was afraid she’d start screaming. She was afraid she’d grab the scarf from Isabel’s neck and try to throttle her with it. She wanted to puke, she wanted to cry, she wanted to see Isabel in bloody tatters.

But instead, Lily silently took the bed. Went along with it. She stared at the fragments of mirror—her only weapon, now ruined, then turned over in the bed and put her back to Isabel. Stupid, normally. But she couldn’t look at her.

Time passed.

Lily wanted Tina back. She missed her. It’d been days. Why was it only really hitting her now, how irreversible her mistake was?

She curled up tighter. She tried to stay silent. But the tears leaked out of her eyes and her breaths came out short and sharp. Lily only stopped crying when she finally nodded off. The dusty bed was too comfortable to fight.


She woke up. Considering Isabel’s presence, it was something of a surprise.

Lily ate her own food for breakfast. But she’d have to accept supplies from Isabel after this. The rest of her own supplies were still buried on the beach. She chewed quietly, and stared at the grey scarf around Isabel’s neck, and hated her every moment that passed. Her eyes felt like they’d been dried out like bits of beef jerky.

Once she was done eating, Lily retrieved her notepad from her bag. She waited.

The announcements rolled only minutes after she started waiting. Like every other day, Lily wrote down the dead. The killers. Any details she could think of.

It was getting easier to brush off the deaths. Maybe because neither Emma or Liz were on the announcements. First day that no Luz had died. She wrote down names. She felt no surprise that Alessio had suddenly hit a murder spree. Eating lunch together felt so long ago. She wasn’t surprised that Alvaro had murdered again, only silently writing a 2 next to his name and noting that he had a gun now. And she barely recalled any memories of Oskar as she crossed his name off the list of murderers. At this stage, what did it matter? All but one of them were dead on their feet.

Lily wrote down the details and didn’t look at Isabel.
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