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"Heh. That's the spirit."

Isabel slowly let go of the girl, the sickle moving away from her throat. She stood up from behind her before the girl scooted away, putting her back to the door of the room.

Dusting herself off, Isabel looked at the girl for a few seconds, the obvious contempt in her eyes evident, before opening her mouth again. "So uh... if you don't mind me asking... what's your name?"


"Lily, huh?" Isabel said, scratching her chin. "That's cute. I like flower names. Kinda always wished I had one myself, but my parents never did anything for my sake anyway."

She turned towards the bed, before sitting down on it.

"You're pretty quiet, huh?" Isabel asked, inquisitively. "Course, I guess part of that is that I like... just had a blade to your neck. Nerves might be a bit frayed, but that's okay. I'm not going to hurt you now, even if I still don't trust you all that much."

Kicking her feet back and forth a bit and staring at them, Isabel waited for her new ally to say something. No words came out, though. Isabel looked back up at Lily, blinking a bit, before speaking again. "Are you... hungry? Thirsty? Hurt? Anything? I have a lot of supplies that I... pillaged off of a few dead bodies."


"No?" Isabel stared at Lily for several moments before looking back down at her feet. Lily was completely avoiding eye contact. "Well um... if you... need anything in the future I... have it."

Isabel twiddled her thumbs a bit more, before realizing that Lily really didn't want to speak at all. "I uh... that's... okay, I suppose. You don't have to say anything. Just... having you around is nice. I was getting really lonely, again..."

Tapping her finger against the bed, Isabel wracked her brain for anything that could potentially break the ice. Unfortunately, she arrived at nothing. "Maybe... maybe we should just both sleep. There's uh... only one bed in here though. Uh..."

"I... why don't you take it. Just give me the pillow and I'll sleep on the floor. I'm used to sleeping on the floor anyway, my house wasn't big enough for a guest room so my parents always let any guests have my bed. And then I uh... slept on the floor in their room because we didn't have a couch I could sleep on either."

Isabel looked at Lily once again, before sighing and moving her bag, her weapons, and the pillow to the opposite corner of the room. "Just, take the bed whenever you feel like it, I guess."

Of course, Isabel hadn't forgotten that Lily had just tried to kill her a few minutes ago. She crushed the shard of mirror that Lily had been holding under her heel when she stood up from the bed, the satisfying crunch demonstrating that Isabel wasn't just going to let an assailant try again. Her weapons, similarly, were tucked under her bag, and she would be lying next to it, her arms keeping it close and letting her know if her friend had a change of heart and stopped accepting the kindness she had graciously handed out.

"See you on the other side, I guess." Isabel said, before lying down on the cold, hard, uneven ground, her head resting on the pillow, and her arm placed carefully on her bag- and her weapons.
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