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Jordan didn't know how he felt about Alex being glad to see them. It hardly seemed genuine after his shouting at them earlier, but it wasn't as if he had any deep insights into the mind of Alex. But he didn't seem likely to attack them now, a relative calm after the rush of things that had happened that day.

And yet, his fixation was on the sword, the sword that Alex claimed Liz had given him, that Alex had killed Rea with, where he could half-see, half-imagine blood specks left upon its metallic surface.

Why would Liz have passed it to Alex? Why was she crying? Did Liz leave with Vanessa? He couldn't remember any of the details from yesterday. Did he even know in the first place or had he just simply spaced out back there?

"I think Liz went off with Vanessa? Vanessa was looking for her bandmates, I guess. I don't actually remember who was on the trip though."

He remembered now though, that same envy he had yesterday. Jeremy had at least fifty percent more plan than they had when they'd reentered this room. And his friends were still alive. He had a list of dead friends and acquaintances he wasn't sure he wanted to find.

But helping Jeremy find his friends seemed... not terrible. He felt like he messed up though, that he wanted to help Jeremy now, but had just left Vanessa behind yesterday. That was dickish, probably. He'd have to do something to make up for that if he had the chance, even if just to assuage his internal guilt.

Hazel floated the idea of leaving. Jordan wasn’t sure himself, after all, they’d already gone in and out a couple times, and he would have been more than happy to settle down for a bit. But she seemed set to leave, and even if Alex and Jeremy weren’t dangerous now, that didn’t mean that they were people he’d want to be left behind with.

"Yeah, I guess if we wanted to find friends, this isn't the best spot. Not to diss the hobo maze or anything."

He followed after Hazel. The last thing he wanted right now was to be left behind.

((Jordan Green continued in The Way the Sun Can Still Burn Down))
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