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Oh. That’s what she wanted.

At first it was confusing. All this ‘oh, but we’re social animals’ and ‘we were meant to be friends’ did not mix with the sort of person who would not only kill, but straight out torture her victims. Killing because she had to? Tina would never have attacked her. Isabel had all the choices in the world not to kill.


Certainly it’s showing you that I’m not just some monster, right?

It all made sense after that. Isabel just wanted someone there to make her look like less of a monster. Maybe for the others, so they might not kill her on sight. Maybe to the cameras, so if she got back home she could pretend she did it all in the name of survival. Or maybe she just wanted to lie to herself.

Lily didn’t care about the reason. What was important was that now she got it. And she knew it wasn’t a plan to lull Lily into a false sense of security, because… well, what would be the point? Lily had lost already.

Lily felt sick to her stomach. Isabel killed Tina. She was the worst kind of human trash. If she qualified as human at all. And if she thought not killing someone and lugging Lily around like some sort of pet to make herself feel better… like the leader of a criminal enterprise throwing a few dollars at charity every now and again in some futile attempt to balance the scales… if she really thought that would make her less monstrous, then Isabel was a fool as well as insane.

But Isabel had supplies. She had weaponry. Anyone who attacked would go for Isabel first, because Lily was just a speck. And eventually she’d let her guard down for real.

“Fine,” Lily said.

She felt like she could feel Tina's ghost glaring at her accusingly.
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