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"So... is that it?"

Isabel tapped the sickle with her index finger, as a signal for Lily to say something. Yet still, the girl stayed silent, presumably too scared to even speak. Eventually, Isabel broke the silence. "Look... okay whatever. Here's the deal. You're the first person since I got on this damn island that's actually willingly stuck around with me. I know you were trying to kill me and all... but everyone else has avoided me, one way or another."

Isabel hesitated, choosing her words. Every single one had to count. This might be her only chance to show a good side of herself to the viewing audience. "It gets lonely, being the top dog. We're all social animals around here, being alone isn't good for us. I need... someone, anyone really. Okay?"

More silence. She needed to be clearer, she needed to soften the mood. "You might be my only chance at that, everyone else is so afraid of me that they either run away or attack me..." Isabel stopped, before continuing with genuine hurt resonating in her voice. "Even... even though we were supposed to be friends."

Isabel inhaled sharply, and closed her eyes, softening her arm's grip on the girl, before regaining her composure and continuing. "I know you want me dead and all, but sitting here, listening to me... certainly it's showing you that I'm not just some monster, right? I killed because I have to. Not because I really want to all that badly."

That was a bold faced lie. She liked killing. But she needed to make it seem like she really didn't like killing all that much.

Still more silence permeated the room. She needed to be blunt, make exactly what she was suggesting completely obvious. "I guess what I'm saying is... if you want to, I'll let you hang out with me and mooch off my supplies- I'll make sure you stay safe."

She could show them all that she isn't so bad. The girl just needed to agree. This was Isabel's chance.

"So... what do you want? Would you rather die than hang out with someone as bad as me, or do you want to give me a chance?"
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