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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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Annoying. Annoying. ANNOYING! Why was she so annoying!?

He said to try it again. Lo and behold, she actually was trying again, and boy was she being rude about it! No verbal spatting? No drama? She was just trying to stay on top of him like some sort of wild dog nipping repeatedly at his heels. Except, instead of biting, she had punched him and he'd probably be feeling that for hours to come. He couldn't do a damn thing about the kick either; with one arm still cradling the precious loaf of bread that was supposed to get him through the rest of the day and with the other quite literally stuck in his pocket, he knew his posture was terrible.

He let his leg take the hit. He saw the punch coming, and knew he did NOT want to be punched again.

Fair play was for pussies.

With no further thought attached to the action, Jerry withdrew his hand and pulled out his first friend on the island. He pressed the button and the blade popped out. He stabbed, the motion wild and instinctual rather than precise or surgical. That'd show her for trying to bring her fists to a knife fight, the dumb whore.
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