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Brendan was practically on top of her. Bernadette's first instinct was to push him back, but Brendan had her massively outclassed in terms of size. Trying to open up some space between them through force was straight-up futility. Still, it wasn't the first time she'd confronted some guy who thought he could scare someone into backing down. She would not be intimidated.

"Get away from me. Now."

She couldn't put up with this shit right now. She had one ally who had pretty much shut down completely after hearing the morning announcement. The other one really didn't seem like he was all right, either. Bernadette's own body had spent the past few days strongly objecting to the idea that she might actually do anything.

It couldn't have just stopped at "You've been kidnapped by terrorists and thrown on an island where a bunch of your classmates have gone crazy and want to kill you." No, that would have just been too easy. And now, she had to put up with this?

"If you've found some people who're willing to put up with you, then go with them or whatever. They can be the ones to play conscience for you to ensure you behave. 'Cause right now? I can only handle so much at once, and I'm not going to be able to babysit you all the time to make sure you still care that murder is wrong."
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