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Lily was trapped. She should have been faster. She should have been smarter. She should have saved Tina so she wouldn’t be alone.

But Isabel’s insanity was reaching some new height. She was talking about how murder was difficult, even though… how many people had she killed now? Four? Two on the first day, one on the second, there was the boy on the helipad… maybe others.

But Lily was pitable. Just pitable enough to spare. It made no sense. What did she want?

Lily could feel cold metal on her neck, and knew that Isabel could—and would gladly—cut her throat open, just like Tina. And there wasn’t anything Lily could do about it.

She tried to say ‘yes, I will hear you out.’ Even though there was some part of her that wanted to keep what dignity she had left and say ‘no, nothing you say is worth listening to.’ But if she said that, she’d die. If she said that, Tina’s death was for nothing. And Lily had to cling to that to justify it to herself. Tina would want her to stay alive, wouldn’t she? She wasn’t… she wasn’t being selfish if she tried to stay that way, even if…

The fear was so great that she felt like she was going to explode. Like the sheer terror of it all would just burst out of her and leave her a tattered, bloody husk. But even so, Lily could not form the words. They stuck in her throat. She just hoped that Isabel took that silence as attentiveness and not rebellion, because she just couldn’t say the words.
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