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Kaitlyn, Jaime, and Amanda had taken Mabes outside. Emma and Lucilly, however, had stayed behind. Emma looked at Mabes before they took her through the door, but tore her eyes away. Something occurred to her, and it was that it was most likely the last time she’d see Mabes at all. Not as a living person, but as a… thing. A thing that dripped blood out of its neck. No, she shouldn’t think of it like that. But a shudder ran up and down her spine as they passed her with the body.

When they came back, Amanda just had to comment about Mabes being stuck in the rain. Emma didn’t say anything, not at first. Couldn’t. Instead, she looked to the floor, again touching her arm. She didn’t like that mental image.

But maybe they could bury her in the morning? Emma wasn’t sure how. Digging a hole without a shovel would be difficult, though. And a big enough one for an entire person? Even more so.

Even so, Emma still wasn’t sure about leaving Mabes out in the rain to rot.

That night, Emma dreamed.

She was in a shadowy void, the only light coming from a fire in from of her. It only lit up about three feet, before the darkness swallowed up everything beyond it. The flames crackled, and even though she couldn’t see anything in front of her, she knew she was being hunted.

Emma stared into the darkness.

The darkness stared back.

At first, a single yellow moon appeared in the sky. With it came stars, gently floating nearby. There was a strange beauty to it, and yet, the sight gave Emma goosebumps. One moon became two, with a dark pupil on each. The stars moved to form sharp, needle-like teeth. The animal’s face gave a hungry smile. Emma sat frozen.

The flames went out.

Emma woke up on the floor of the pub, just behind the bar. But she couldn’t move. Her limbs and back were stuck, as if glued to the wood. Her eyes flicked around, only landing on the ceiling. A strange breathing noise filled the air, filled her ears. A sense of overwhelming horror filled her.

She closed her eyes, opened them again.

A pressure was on top of her. It looked like a creature, made of pure blackness. It lowered its snout just an inch from her face, sniffing her. Then it grinned. Something like it, at least. Its teeth were bared, almost as if prepared. Its four feet kept her pinned. Claws dug deep into her flesh.


Her heart beat like a drum. It was just as loud as the breathing noises. She couldn’t move, nor did she want to.

Are you scared?

She closed her eyes. Opened them another time.

It was over. Nothing was on top of her. There was no sign of anything wrong, not that she could see. She moved her arms, and it came without much difficultly. Emma let out a sigh, and slid to her side. She gently moved her bag under her head. It wasn’t a good pillow, but it’d do for the time being.

As she laid, she stared at the wall in thought. She was used to episodes like that. Years of it happening meant that it’d become a normal thing. And yet, even now, especially now, it was still something unpleasant. She closed her eyes again, and focused on her breathing while wiggling her toes some.

Sometime later, maybe an hour or two, Emma decided to sit up. Sunlight had started to poke through the pub, brightening it up a little. Her hand reached up to the counter, and grabbed her glasses from where she put them. After cleaning them, she put them back on. Her shoes had been taken off too, but she didn’t think to put them back on.

Another morning in the same place, she guessed. Other than the problems going on elsewhere, they’d been alright. No danger, except maybe for Kaitlyn. Emma still wasn’t sure about her. She still didn’t seem very... trustworthy? Some part of her, as horrible as it sounded, thought that she was going to steal their things while they slept, or something terrible like that. But then, what would be the point of dividing up the supplies with them? Maybe it was paranoid. Maybe it paid to be a little cautious.

There were some other things Emma needed to discuss with the others too, of course, but she’d dozed off before she could say anything. The first one was simple, but no less important: water. They got some extra, even if it was somewhat unsavory how, but they needed to discuss ways to get more ahead of time. The second, well… Emma needed to talk about something that’d been on her mind lately. It was something that had been gnawing at her ever since they’d left the wards, she’d guessed. It did feel like a bit of an elephant in the living room, but she needed to address that elephant.

Emma pulled herself up to her feet, and placed her bag onto the counter. Emma didn’t immediately notice something was different until she had grabbed her medication and a water bottle, but when she did, it felt off.

There were five people here earlier. Amanda, Lucilly, Kaitlyn, Jaime, and her. Now there was only four. It clicked.


Emma turned her head, to see if she was just somewhere out of sight. No such luck. Did she leave, or just go into another room? She wasn’t so sure what to think if she did. Not a word, really? There was something about that, that made Emma uncomfortable.

She walked out from behind the bar, looking around the room.

“Hey, is anyone else awake?”

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