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MK Kilmarnock
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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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With such a telegraphed backswing, any trained fighter could easily dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge out of the way or at least raise an arm to block or counterattack. Child's play, really.

For whatever reason, Jerry didn't exactly see it coming fast enough. By the time his reflexes could register that danger was incoming, it was pretty much set in stone that he was getting hit. He instinctively set his jaw and turned his head back in order to try and lessen the impact. If it did at all, then it lessened it from 'get a tooth knocked out' to 'man that still stings, yo', causing the boy to reel back a step with eyes squeezed shut.

"Augh! AAAAAUGH! Fuck!" Jerry swore almost equally as reflexively as he had snapped away. His jaw stung, but his pride stung worse. Noodle, fucking tiny little Noodz the goddamn MMA MASCOT had just punched him in the face. He had half a mind to throw down, show Noodle that he wasn't kidding around by flipping her over his shoulder, maybe grab her by the face and make her kiss the ground. Shit, he knew he could do it, too.

But he had to be smart. This was about endurance, right? Others could joke all they wanted about his ability but not only did he know that he was the best at... shit, he was the best at everything, but nobody could deny that Jerry motherfuckin' Fury, battery-powered Energizer Bunny of Cochise, could last for goddamn fucking ever.

Unless he got knocked out by a LUCKY FUCKING KICK (TRAV!), he wasn't falling right now. Still cradling his loaf of bread like his life depended on it - according to the rumblies in his tumblie, it totally did - Jerry dipped his hand into his pocket and dropped his stance.

"Try that again, you fucking bitch!" he growled in a wayward attempt to sound cool. But that time, even he had to admit maybe it was a bit much.
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