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It was time.

Isabel sprung up, yanking the sickle out from underneath the pillow and tackling the small girl to the ground from off the bed. It wasn't long before she had her arm wrapped around the girl's torso and the sickle pressed to her neck.

"Did you really think you were being clever by trying to follow me around like that?" Isabel taunted, "Did you really think I didn't ever notice?"

Isabel tightened her hold on the girl as she squirmed to get away from her. "Struggling isn't going to do you any good. Struggle too much and I might just end your life a few seconds sooner and a lot more painfully than I would otherwise. You want to keep living, right? Quit."

The struggling stopped, with only a faint whimper escaping from the girl's lips. Music to Isabel's ears.

She had a new victim. One that was completely at her mercy. The girl's would be "weapon" had clattered to the ground in the struggle, leaving her defenseless.

Isabel could just slash her throat and be done with it. She was tired after all, and the girl had kept her waiting for a long time before actually managing enough courage to come after her. Or she could drag it out, slice into her flesh bit by bit, enjoy every little moment, every little scream, every little capitulation made in fear...

Isabel stopped herself, relaxing her hold on the girl for a moment before tightening it again. She couldn't do that. She would just be seen as more of a monster. Especially if she died. She had to make sure she left a good legacy behind, or at least try to even if that ship had possibly already sailed.

That left her with just slashing her throat and being done with it...


Maybe, instead of just killing the girl... maybe she could use her.

The girl was tiny, almost looked like she belonged in middle school. She was practically defenseless, and had no chance whatsoever of actually surviving. She was a defenseless lamb to Isabel's big bad wolf. So what if the big bad wolf decided to take this tiny, innocent lamb and instead of just killing it like you would expect, decided to protect it? Why, the big bad wolf wouldn't look so bad after all.

"Hm... you know, actually..." Isabel began. "That little whimper you just made... pretty pitiable. Like, I know you were trying to kill me and all that but... I'd feel still feel bad about just killing you, you know? Even if it was in self defense, taking the life of another person isn't exactly easy."

Isabel paused for effect, before continuing with a mischievous smile. "So, why don't I instead, in my infinite kindness and wisdom, give you a second chance?" She said, enunciating her words more than normal. "Wanna hear me out, or do you just want things to be over and done with?"
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