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((Sandra Dyer continued from Restore/Restart/Quit.))

Cameron. Mia.

They were both dead.

Nevermind the fight with Alan. That's what hurt Sandra the most. That's the reason Sandra kept her face hidden from Alice as they left the asylum. That's the reason that she listlessly followed Alice at a distance. Close enough as to not lose track of her, but only that.

She wanted to cry. She wanted to scream, and shout, and get her hands on something... or someone... and rip them to shreds. But that... she didn't need that. Alice didn't need that. So she kept herself neutral, as best as possible, anyway.

She had closed the distance to Alice as they neared the bridge. That was the only reason she heard Alice call out Bryony's name. That was the only reason she saw Alice staring at something under the bridge.

Sandra moved forward as Alice screamed, putting herself between Alice and the person under the bridge.

Caedyn. Caedyn standing over a dead body, blood covering her.

She took a few cautious steps closer.

"What the fuck did you do?!"
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