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Alright, things were definitely starting to get out of hand. Jerry was definitely going to get his shit slapped - honestly, Matt could almost admire Jerry's resolve in not taking things seriously. One moment he's making jokes about dead kids, the next he's saying Pulp Fiction references right in Toby's face. Impending death aside, Matt really felt... just fine. This was actually kind of entertaining to watch. He might've started laughing if he weren't on this shitty island. This was just absurd. Jerry was absurd.

Matt slowly started backing away from Jerry and Toby. "Okay, uh.. you guys just, settle this among yourselves, I guess." He had fully accepted that absolutely nothing he could do was going to stop Toby from headbutting Jerry or kneeing him in the balls, or something like that. He was just hoping it'd be entertaining.
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