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((Alice Baker continued from Restore/Restart/Quit))

In a brief, glorious moment, Alice thought things might actually be okay.

They'd spent the night just outside the asylum, hiding from sight, waiting for the inevitable moment when that crazy boy found them again. Alice fell asleep still dreading that moment, her thoughts so incoherent that she dreamt of fear, nameless faceless terror.

Even after awakening, she felt awful.

She and Sandra kept going, though Alice was secretly doubtful that Sandra would be able to walk for long. She couldn't help but think Sandra might be more injured than she looked or acted, after the trauma of the situation before. Perhaps she was being paranoid.

The bridge loomed in the distance, so they went that way, since Alice hadn't left this side of the island yet. Perhaps she'd find Bryony somewhere else. It made sense; if Bryony was hiding out, Alice wouldn't expect her to be somewhere obvious.
But then again, she was standing right there in plain view.



"Bree! Bree!" Alice shouted, shrill with excitement, as she stumbled forward before breaking into her best attempt at a dead sprint. There was her friend, her best friend, someone who she had been so scared for this whole time, someone she could trust to be a good person. Not that other people couldn't be good, but Bryony was different. She was-

Alice stopped, freezing in place, as she grew closer she spotted something. She hadn't been running straight with the bridge, but at an angle. She could see under the bridge. So, numbly, she stared at Caedyn, covered in blood, a mutilated body with what looked like vomit all over, lying on the ground before her.

Then Alice wasn't numb anymore. So she shrieked.
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