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Penelope stood up and seemed better. Apparantly their better at this than Will thought they would, as far they knew anyway. They didn't know what's going on up top. All they had were assumptions and loads of false hope. She was now up to doing her plan and Ben was on board apparantly. He wanted him in on it.

Fortune favours the brave who dares. Will wasn't brave nor daring. He was out to kill someone for revenge, that's all he'd been doing so far. No, Ben and Penelope. They were the brave and the daring. Fighting the system.

And It was true! Will never liked Cochise, hell, the faster he got away from there the better. And most of the people there pissed him off anyway, but he wouldn't have met his friends or Rea if it wasn't for moving there, so there was that at least.

He looked at the hand extended to him, Penelope's hand. It was tempting, oh so tempting to just take it and leave this revenge quest behind. Rea would have wanted that, but he couldn't, just the thought of Tarquin winning, going home while acting like a glorified B-movie villain. It was a selfish, stupid reason. He'd known that for days, but Will just couldn't let him go unpunished for this.

"I wish I could, I really do, but there's someone I have to find." He almost didn't know what to do, holding some of his supplies that was for Ben in his hands. Probably looked like an idiot for the folks watching this shit."I'm Sorry." Sorry, a word that by now had lost almost all meaning. Too many times have that word been uttered or thought and yet meant nothing. He was going on a revenge fantasy while the two in front of him were trying for decency, trying to prove they were better than this game.

"I'll try and tell people of this, might get them to stop." An awkward compromise or a stupid way to assuage his guilt? Could be both. "Though since it's from me, they'll probably tell me to fuck off." He wasn't popular around Cochise, part of the reason he hated the place. Not his fault he preferred Scotland to a shithole that held them down and couldn't stop shit like this from happening.

"Oh, and Ben?" He looked over at him; and shoved the supplies into him."Keep it and use it. I better not find you dead because you think you're beneath my supplies, counts for you too Penelope." A small amount of good he can do, he'll probably find a way to fuck it up later.

He started walking out the area when he turned to look at them for a brief second. "Good luck to you both, and hopefully I won't hear either of you on the announcments." Afterwards, he continued his search for his target, who seemed to be further and further away the more he looked.

((Will McKinley continued in (งಠ_ಠ)ง ))
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