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((Lillian ‘Lily’ Caldwell continued from Violence Is Usually The Answer.))

Lily waited.


Waited some more.

She waited so long to make a move that she was sure the sun would come up before she summoned the courage. But, eventually, she did push open the door. The moment she heard that creak—because of course the doors in an abandoned madhouse would creak—Lily hid again. To see if Isabel would get up.

Isabel did not get up. Isabel did not move.

So, eventually (and surely the sun must have been coming upy now) Lily ventured into the dormitory room. Isabel was lying on one of the beds, blades near her feet.

Lily had the mirror shard in her hand. The army helmet still strapped to her head, like it would protect her if Isabel slashed open her throat. She felt exposed. But it was too late now. She was committed. She had to do this, and seeing the grey scarf wrapped around Isabel’s neck gave her resolve.

The best way was to do it fast. Go in before Isabel could stir. Shard to the throat. Then hide for the rest of the game.

So Lily lunged, mirror shard being brought down to stab just above where Tina’s scarf started.

The mirror shard stopped mid-air. Not because Isabel had moved, but because Lily froze. Because Lily, even after all this, did not have the guts to bring it down.

A split second later, Lily realised that Isabel was not asleep.
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