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((Isabel Ramirez continued from Violence Is Usually The Answer))

Isabel sat on one of the musty beds in one of the many dormitory rooms, the door shut behind her.

Her tail was still right behind her, hiding just outside the door. Again, as if she was actually being clever.

Isabel sighed and munched on one of the calorie bars. She needed to go to sleep, but she couldn't actually sleep with her murderous follower waiting just outside the door. Of course, in that case, she could just pretend to sleep- and then, when the time came, she could get the drop on her attacker. It would be easy. She was probably stronger than most of the other kids on the island. She could take some dumb kid who was mad at her for killing their friend and in way over their head.

Tucking her bag under her bed as she finished the dry, bland calorie bar, Isabel hastily laid her halberd and sword out on the bed behind her, the blades sitting safely near her feet. The sickle she would hide under the pillow, and then, when the time came, she would strike.

Isabel lay down with her eyes closed, listening for the door to inevitably creak open. Waiting for her next victim to walk in.

It would be an easy kill for a hard day. Like breaking a toothpick.
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