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Mel had just been about to kick him or something, arguably to check whether he was really alive. This was a bit more than she'd expected. She had to take a moment, had to take it in. Had to get past the incredibly stupid urge to run up and kick him anyway.

She glanced over at Serena, raising an eyebrow and lowering her voice.

"Now I feel like we're interrupting even though we got here first," she whispered, then looked pointedly to the side, towards one of the many trucks that were scattered around the depot. "I say one of us should check the cars while the other two of us keep an eye on this. You've got the keys, so... up to you?"

She was giving directions, and she wondered where exactly the impulse to do so had come from. Maybe it was because she was grungy and hungry and a little sleepy and didn't and wouldn't ever really feel like herself again. Maybe it was the gun. But the last time she'd led Aiden she'd led them into seeing way too many sights that they hadn't wanted to see. Maybe it was time to know when to doubt herself a little more.

"We're just here to look around," she finally just said out loud, and she was pretty sure she wasn't lying yet.
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