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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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Alba was pleased to hear Arthur and Sandra were doing okay. Granted, Sandra looked upset, but they were at least still alive. Alba was about to ask about Bryony when Bernadette began to speak to Brendan. That's when Alba felt the atmosphere shift.

Bernadette sounded really angry and upset about Brendan killing. Even him trying to explain that it was to save that girl didn't seem to help. Alba turned towards them and tried to speak.

"Um, Bernadette," Alba said. "Please don't be too hard. He did it to save that girl. Um...Raina, right? Yeah, I think it was Raina."

Alba kept the rifle by her side and smiled.

"Let's not worry about this and just focus on how we're going to make it out of here."

She prayed that would work. She tried to pray as quickly as her mind would allow her to each second.
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