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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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"Hey man, don't tell me to calm the fuck down, alright!?" Jerry snapped. "Jesus, you ever tell somebody to calm down? It never works! It's like those words are explicitly meant to do the exact OPPOSITE of what they mean!"

He wildly gestured to Toby and looked at her for a moment. Nah, fuck her. He looked back to Matt, but his hand was still extended her way. "Fuck it, Noodz is right. How dare I joke? It's not like I use humor as some sort of coping mechanism to cover up that we're playing Mad Max in Thunderdome meets the Deadliest Game. The only other person who understood that sort of thing was Bradley."

That's right. Jerry remembered possibly hearing his name before.

"And that dude's probably dead too. Fuck, I can't remember if he was a killer or a kill-...ee. All I was sayin' was we hadn't heard Trav's name at all, so maybe we focus on the positive and not be little bitches!" Jerry grumbled and thrust his backpack off, ripping at the zipper. He was hungry. He wanted some fucking bread.
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