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Oh god no. The reward.... You didn't even want it, Brendan. Now she really thinks you're a terrible human being.

Brendan knew that he was feeling a bit panicky. He knew that Bernadette wasn't trying to provoke him on purpose. She was just trying to make a point. He hadn't even wanted the so-called reward in the first place. Jonathan had told him to get it and he just did as he was told. He had tried to get rid of it but no one else wanted it. Alba even gave the weapon back to him when he dropped it. Right now, he just wanted to kick it away from him. He was starting to hate himself for even getting it in the first place.

But what if someone else got their hands on it? Someone who was willing to kill with it? Be it a killer or a would-be killer?

Even he didn't want to take that risk. He felt like it would have been his fault if someone had been killed by the weapon if he hadn't had got it himself. Besides, it hadn't been used. And he was never going to. He didn't want to hurt anyone again.

"B-Bernadette, please, I...."

He took a step closer to her and he reached out a hand towards her. He didn't touch her. He wanted to try to get her to understand. But how?

He didn't really know what to say to her. But he had to try. Convince her that she could trust him. That he wasn't just some low-life murderer and that he was still her friend. That he could protect her if she wanted him to.

"....I didn't even want the weapon. Believe me, Bernadette. I had to get it because I couldn't let anyone else get their hands on it. I couldn't take that risk and Jonathan convinced me that it would be better if I had it on me." He took a step over his weapon so that he was closer to her and he stopped just in front of her. He had to look down at her as he was towering over her and he bit down on his lower lip a little. He just needed to not mess this up. "I won't even use that thing. I hate holding it but I don't have a choice. I don't want to hurt anyone else, Bernadette. You believe me, don't you?"

Brendan realized that he was starting to sound desperate. But he didn't care. He just didn't want to lose his best friend because of what he did.

She will abandon you, Brendan....
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