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(Matt Moradi continued from Ain't nobody got time for that.))

Okay, so the general area had about as many living people as a morgue. That was fine. While he wasn't particularly threatened by Jerry or Toby, he couldn't really say that he fully trusted them. Maybe he could find Ben or Nate again - they weren't dead. They weren't dead. When their names hadn't turned up in the announcement, he felt more relieved than he had in his whole life. Two people who he knew, one hundred percent, wouldn't try to kill him. Two people who he could trust on this fucking shit island. But two people out of what, a hundred?

It wasn't exactly a positive thought, but he was outnumbered. Outnumbered, outgunned. What was this, if not a competition? One with stakes higher than he was used to, but a competition nonetheless. All he had to do was keep his head down until the right time, and.. do something. Kill someone, just get it over with so that if - no, not if, when, he thought - when he wins, he gets to go home. It was a bullshit rule, but it was a rule he had to play by. He didn't feel much when he heard that Henry Spencer had been killed, except a tiny bit of satisfaction. Proof of a just world, maybe? He thought that maybe he could do it to Henry. He wouldn't feel that guilty, then, but Henry was out.

Oh, good - an argument. One he didn't really have much to add to, to be frank. The tension between Toby and Jerry had been.. a little bit more than palpable. Jerry was making jokes about their dead classmates and Toby wasn't taking it so well. Matt didn't care - Jerry's shitty sense of humor was his own problem - but all this standing around made him feel nervous. Standing around, talking real loud.. someone might hear and come kill them all. That'd be real great, he could picture that. They're all standing around yelling and some psychopath with a machine gun pops out from behind a rock to mow them all down. Maybe he could get them to stop.

"Calm down, okay? We're not gonna get anything accomplished by standing around kicking our fuckin' bags. Trav's still alive, so, uh, maybe he's hiding. I mean, he's probably alone. Fuck, I'd hide if I was alone." Matt was desperately trying to change the subject from Jerry's sense of humor to finding Travis and it was clear as day.
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