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Under normal circumstances, Bernadette couldn't see herself as the kind of person who would kill somebody. Er, "normal circumstance" would be a rather odd phrase to use when talking about killing people. That was the kind of thing that should by definition be abnormal. To phrase it better, she had trouble imagining a situation in which she would see ending somebody's life as a solution to a problem.

It wasn't that she believed every conflict could be ended with the participants on good terms. Bernadette had spent enough time butting heads against classmates who saw no problem in trampling on others. Sometimes it was necessary to stand up against those people.

But killing them? Permanently ending their life? She couldn't see herself as having the right. Hell, she would have trouble justifying even something more temporary, like beating someone up to get them to back off. But then again...

"Normal" circumstances.

This was not a normal circumstance.

They'd been dumped on an island in the middle of who-knows-where.

A place beyond the reach of the order provided by society.

A dozen or so of her classmates had turned into murderers.

In light of that, maybe it wasn't so much of a stretch to consider a situation where there was no other way.

Maybe tomorrow, it would be Bernadette who saw no choice but to pull the trigger...

"Doing the right thing, is that it?"

Brendan wouldn't kill somebody without good cause, and he was the kind of person who would step in to protect somebody else. That was what Bernadette wanted to believe. It was an obvious conclusion. Last week, she wouldn't have even questioned it.

Then again, last week she would have said "They'd never murder somebody" about just about all of her classmates. That logic had been conclusively proven wrong over the past few days.

Because it was the obvious conclusion of normal circumstances.

"Well, if you say that you were just doing the right thing, I'm sure that must be the case." She gestured at the ground between them.

Towards the gun that Brendan had set by his feet.

"After all, I'm sure that those bastards -- y'know, the ones who kidnapped us... I bet that they're real interested in rewarding the people who are doing the right thing."
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