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(Sorry about the delay. Writer's block and a sudden decrease in my available time (read: lim time->0) are the causes, though I blame myself for not forseeing the latter.)

A lull in the action gave Ben some time to calm down. Time to think. Time to notice more stuff. Stuff like: The blood on the girl was at least partly her own - her head was bandaged. She had been wounded. Other stuff like: There was blood on the pickaxe. On the spike.

It didn't take a genius to figure out she had been in a fight. And, judging by the blood on the pickaxe and that she still had the pickaxe, she had probably won. Since she also had a gun, and she hadn't had the pickaxe when Lili had seen her...

Wait. Why do you suddenly trust what Lili said?

The voice had a point. She had abandoned Maxim and him. Who said she hadn't planned that? How could he trust anything she had told him? For all he knew, she had tried to make her day sound worse than it was, to make Maxim and him feel sorry for her. So much for friendship, right?

The girl rolled her neck. She was clearly thinking over what he had said. And she still wasn't attacking him. Ben shook slightly, his nerves getting the better of him. Why wasn't she attacking him? He had no weapon and wasn't exaclty intimidating and she had a weapon and had clearly used it... Was she... toying with him?

It's possible.

"True, true, I suppose," said the girl. "I can't say I'd personally want to spend these days with someone I cared about if I knew they were gonna be in danger 24/7, but hey, I get the thought process."

"Huh...?" stammered Ben. He didn't... what? How would someone he cared about being in danger make him...? He half-hoped his - what was it, his inner voice? Imaginary friend? - would help him out, but it didn't. It seemed as stumped as he was.

"So who exactly are you worried about, then?"

He glanced at the pickaxe. You.

I'm worried about you.

But he didn't say that.

He swallowed again. "Kim-- Kimiko Kao.", he stammered. Then he deliberately swung his bag back onto his shoulder, and repeated: "I'm worried... I'm worried about Kimiko Kao."

Then, cautiously and trying to be inconspicuous, he prepared to run.
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