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(Kaitlyn Greene continued from Greene's Gulch)

There was some big old bloodstain off in a corner.

Kaitlyn wrinkled her nose. Better than the alternative, she guessed. She spun on her heel and went back to the entryway, looking out to the busted truck outside and the island beyond.

She guessed she liked this southern point of the island the best. There were the docks, and the nearby ocean. And a gnarly helicopter wreck on the roof. And she could hear the waves. Funny how she'd spent her entire fucking life cooped up in the desert only to find out here of all places that she was kinda liking the sea. Kaitlyn always was a bit an outdoors girl, but she'd figured that was limited to desert life. Who knew? Layers.

And she definitely preferred outside to this fucking place, which unlike the pub and the library had no comforts of civilization and reeked of rat piss and... well she'd already seen at least some of what else. There might be some good stuff somewhere, but unless she knocked through every moldy box and pried open every splinter-filled rotting crate, how was she gonna know? The one she had opened out or curiosity had been empty. So yeah, she'd stick with what she'd earned for now. She had more than enough to last.

Once this latest drizzle stopped she'd head back out, maybe hang at the docks a while. Boss windbreaker or not, staying out in the rain wasn't great news. Meanwhile, she'd pass the time here however she could. Wander around, take a breather and give her body a little while longer to--

Speaking of her body, there was a familiar clenching feeling.



Like, literally.

Kaitlyn wiped her brow and glanced back and forth. Fucking cheeseburger. She... she couldn't do this outside, could she? But how disgusting was any bathroom in this building going to be even if she found it?

She took one step outside, changed her mind, and jogged back in.

In the end, she couldn't even find a bathroom, but at least the one janitor's closet or something she ran into had a bucket it it. Kaitlyn rested one hand on the wall while the other zipped open her bag. Just in case someone came by. And, well she'd need some... fuck. Maybe she shouldn't have tossed Peter Pan in the ocean after all.

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