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Jennifer's body fell on top of her, and she struggled to pull herself out from beneath the corpse. That was one last 'fuck you' towards her, she guessed. One last act of defiance in the face of death.

With some effort, she finally managed to free herself, pushing Jennifer's body to the side. There was more blood on her clothes again. There was no way she could look presentable, and no way she could presume innocence.

Ha. What a joke. As if everyone didn't already know. She looked around the room... Jennifer's bag should have been here somewhere... ah.

She walked over, looking through the bag. She took whatever food and water was inside, before pulling the chain out.


She dropped it. She didn't need this when she already had the hatchet and the screwdriver...

...and the gun, of course.

The room smelled of blood. She decided to get away from the stench.

She pushed open the door, but she didn't wander far. Instead she sat on a rock. She gingerly touched her hand to her face, wincing at the pain. She looked up at the sky, before sighing.
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