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Bart saw the gunshot. He heard the scream. He saw the blood. He saw Clarice and Kiziah run away. He heard Clarice yell at him to run too.

Then he saw the second shot He saw more blood. He saw Jennifer stop moving. He saw her fall on top of Nancy.

He saw everything, but all he could do was watch in stunned disbelief at what had occurred before him. Jennifer was dead. She had died right in front of him, and her killer was still right there.

As if he had a delayed reaction to Clarice's plea, he began to run. He continued to stare at Jennifer's body until he passed it, at which point he refocused his vision to the path ahead, hoping that Clarice and Kizi weren't too far away for him to find them again.

But even if he found them, that wouldn't erase the fact that he had just witnessed the life of someone he knew get brutally extinguished. He had a strong feeling that the mental image of Jennifer's final moments would remain with him for the rest of his days, however brief they may be.

((Bart Cappotelli continued elsewhere...))
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