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Like a bullet through her brain came the realization that hanging around Darius wasn't all too smart of an idea. Talking to corpses, shouting at people, and pointing finger guns everywhere were not signs of stable mental conditions, last time Lili checked. Sure, Lili had some weird dreams and thoughts over the past few days, but it didn't go any farther than throwing briefcases at light fixtures. Darius looked like he was on the verge of actually losing his mind.

She felt like maybe she should say something to him to snap him out of his funk. Something poetic and weird but funny enough to get him in a good mood. Maybe then he'd stop swearing at everything, right?

But then her thoughts turned inward. She had wasted a night in the rain looking for Darius, spent 24 hours with him, even left her friends to go to the asylum and eventually run into him (a bit of a stretch on that front as far as blame went but still), so why grace him with her presence any longer in his final days?

Is that what this was really about? Was Darius unworthy of being around her?


No, not entirely. She was just feeling pretty annoyed with him at the moment.

"You can cut that out now," Lili said, walking out toward the door. She turned and looked at Darius, putting on a sad looking face that she hoped might do...something to change him.

No point. He's lame, and dumb, and deaf and blind. I didn't even know him before yesterday, so why'd I get so attached?

Lili looked at Hatsune, as Darius had called her. She wasn't being mean at all; in fact, if Darius wasn't there, Lili probably would've struck up a conversation with her. Hell, there wasn't even a point to letting Darius stop her from doing anything anymore. He probably didn't even have a group or anything, seeing as they hadn't found one associate of his in the past day.

He was a big phony. A phony that made her remember someone who was anything but.

"Don't popular people, plastic people, don't they just annoy you too?"

They'd both been faking, this past day. Now, it was time to face the music.

"I know where there's some stuff," Lili said, turning to Hatsune, "We can share it. Should be enough goods to go around."
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