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Maria hadn't thought that someone would have come to the Bell tower. Well, it looked like she was wrong. Well, shit. It was Audrey. She didn't know the girl personally. But whatever. If this girl decided to try to stop them. Maria was not going to hold back on her. She did not want a repeat like with Alvaro beforehand.

She spoke after Michael finished talking, "I think we should just end his life. We don't want a piece of shit like him to go home. We want to hunt down some of the killers and stop their stupid reign of terror, you know?" She paused to let Audrey think about it. "He killed two innocent people. So we are planning on giving him a death sentence in a way. It will be justice...."

She gave Audrey a stern glare.

"....Al is a monster and he deserves this. Don't even think of trying to save him, Audrey."
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