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Brendan's smile froze on his face. It felt like Bernadette had just punched him in the gut and the chest. It felt like she just took a jab at what he done. To Jerry. He got that what he did was the wrong thing. He knew that all too well. He didn't need to be reminded about what a horrible human being he was. He knew that deep inside of his thoughts. At the time, he had thought he was doing the right thing by saving someone. He knew that he should have done things differently. He could have tried to talk to Jerry and Michael and hoped that he could have defused the situation. But he had made his choice. He reacted and things just took a turn for the worse.

It's too late to change things now, Brendan.

His smile had faded now. He had been so happy to see that Bernadette was safe. But his moment of joy was disappearing from him. Now things were starting to make him feel uncomfortable and uneasy. He guessed that Bernadette wasn't thinking of him being her friend anymore. Maybe she saw him for who he was now.

....A murderer.

Brendan lowered the grenade launcher and he placed it down on the ground. He didn't want to hold it anymore. He had hated having it with him. He didn't even know how to use it. He never wanted to use it on anyone. He had Jerry's sharpened stick sticking out of his bag. He felt better with for some odd reason.


He paused for a moment, trying to think of what to say to her. Would she be less upset if he just told her what happened on that day? Why he had killed Jerry? Or would she be more mad at him?

"....About Jerry. He and Michael were taunting and threatening to kill a girl. I'm not even sure who the girl was but.... But I had to do something!" His voice was suddenly a bit more louder than he thought and he cleared his throat nervously. "I was just trying to do the right thing.... I thought I was. I can't get over what I did to him. I can still see Jerry's face in my head. I should have done things a different way. I just.... reacted to take action."
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